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Stage name: Whys Science
Performer name: Mary Diane Riotto
Phone: 631-929-6945
Mailing address: 39 Lakeside Trail
Ridge, NY 11961
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Sachem Public Library , Longwood Public Library, Brentwood Public Library, Amagansett Public Library, Island Park Public Library
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Information last updated: 07/23/2019

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Crazy Craters and The Man in the Moon History,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Crazy Craters and The Man in the Moon Is there really a man in the moon? Was there ever a man ON the moon? Why does the moon sometimes seem to be playing hide and seek with Earth? And if the moon isn't really made of Swiss Cheese what made those bumps we see on its surface? In this program we'll take a closer look at our nearest space neighbor. Junior Astronauts will use movement activities, songs, games and info about the historic Apollo 11 Mission to create a take home crater craft, and do some fun lunar learning! Recommended for grades K-2 , enrollment in program not to exceed 15 children.
$101- $200
Oh My, Moon Pie! History,
Visual Arts- Crafts
No, not the kind you eat, but satisfying anyway! Just how much do we know about our closest neighbor? How did the historic Apollo 11 Mission help us find out what we DO know? And why is Luna so moody and moony all month ? It must be the phases she is going through! The recipe for creating our moon pies consists of sifting out lunar fallacies from facts as young astronomers craft a Moon Pie to take home that illustrates her changes. Recommended for grades 2 - 5. Class enrollment not to exceed 20 students
$101- $200
Young Niko, Child Inventor (Grades K-3 and Grades 4-5) History,
His work, over 150 years ago helped create the technologies we enjoy today. As an adult, his impact on our modern world was profound. But Nikola Tesla, great man of science started out as Niko, impulsive and curious child. In this program students learn of Niko’s early explorations and their connections to his greatest achievements later in life. They explore the characteristics and scientific attitudes possessed by inventors and scientists.  In Grades K-3 students replicate a model of young Niko’s Maybug invention. In Grades 4-5 students identify a problem and begin the planning and design of an invention to solve it.
$101- $200
Fly Me to the Moon History,
Visual Arts- Crafts
In this age where smart phones, GPS, self driving cars and super fast personal computers are common place and taken for granted, it’s hard for young learners to appreciate the incredible effort it took in 1969 that enabled Neil Armstrong to make that first “…one small step for man”. In this program, your young patrons in grades 2-5 will learn about the Apollo 11 Mission , and of the new technologies that needed to be designed that would take mankind safely into the unknown and back home again. Junior aeronautical engineers will explore the basics of how the Saturn V rocket worked, and build their very own Saturn V to take home and share with their families. Recommended for grades 2-5 , enrollment in program not to exceed 15 children.
$101- $200
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Records  1-4 of 4

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