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Performer name: Lauren Singer
Phone: 631-421-7078
Mailing address:
Huntington Station, NY 11746
E-mail address:
Website: ALSO:
Previous appearances at: Northport Public Library, South Huntington Public Library, Middle Country Public Library, Commack Public Library , Riverhead Public Library
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Information last updated: 06/13/2018

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Visual Arts- Folk Arts,
Visual Arts- Other
Selfies are all the rage these days, so why not draw upon your inventive self to a create a meaningful and artistic one without the camera, just like artists still do? Using a mirror and a mix of drawing materials you will be guided in ways to express the essence of who you are with color, drawing techniques and some fun effects. No experience necessary. Inspiring and unusual examples of portraits and self-portraits will be shown.
$201- $350
BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOXES: Folded, Faux Painted and Embellished Multicultural- Other,
Visual Arts- Other,
Visual Arts- Painting
Add a personal touch to your gift giving! Great for the holidays, or for any occasion, Japanese folded paper boxes are beautiful and can be made in a pinch to your desired size. In this beginner class, you'll learn how to fold your own classic Origami box, then transform it! Using water-based, faux painting and surface design techniques, you will create a unique gilded and textured box with a special tied closure. Styling can be elegant, natural or funky! Examples and images of special boxes will inspire.
$201- $350
PAINT LIKE THE FAUVES Visual Arts- Painting
Go wild with raging color and paint an acrylic landscape on canvas in the style of the Fauves. This group of 20th century French artists rebelled against the traditional manner of painting at the time and their work was banned. Their name,literally meaning wild beasts, was given to them due to their shocking use of vibrant, flat color. Get inspired by examples of paintings by Matisse, Derain, Vlaminck and other Fauves as you paint your own rebellious masterpiece from a selection of landscape images. No experience necessary.
$201- $350
WEAVE YOUR OWN NECKLACE with BEADS! Multicultural- Other,
Visual Arts- Folk Arts,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Weaving is once again a force in fashion and woven clothing and accessories are in stores everywhere! Learn how easy it is to weave your own, one-of-a-kind, fringed necklace with beaded accents that will dazzle all your friends! Basic weaving and knotting techniques will be taught and you'll go home wearing your new fashion statement. Choice of colors and styling. Examples of woven textiles from around the world will inspire! More advanced classes available-(see my other class listings).
$201- $350
Visual Arts- Painting,
Visual Arts- Other
Gustav Klimt, the Viennese Art Nouveau painter, created dazzling, gold leaf paintings that are well loved today. The Tree of Life painting is one of the most popular. In this class, participants will draw, paint and collage their own Tree of Life images to honor the people and things they hold dear. Symbolic shapes will be developed (when age-appropriate) to emulate Klimt's use of decorative symbolism to add meaning and creative interest. Step-by-step guidance will be provided for younger ages and special needs. Gold paint and special touches create beautiful results! Exciting visuals will inspire all.
$201- $350
Visual Arts- Painting
The Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky, was considered the father of modern art. See why as you study his lyrical and colorful images and learn about his intense synthesis of music and color. You will learn how to express yourself using music and gesture and how to simplify and abstract a landscape image of your choice. Materials include watercolors and colored pencils. Interesting examples of his work and commentary will inspire your own modern masterpiece.
$201- $350
Visual Arts- Crafts
Did you know that you can weave beautiful and intricate patterns on a simple, portable loom using a needle and yarn? In this class you will create a charming, colorful miniature weaving--perfect for framing-- as you learn how to understand and weave several different easy patterns. Inspiring examples will be displayed. No experience necessary, however this class is perfect for those who knit, crochet, sew or do fine work with their hands.
$201- $350
Visual Arts- Painting
Married French artists, Robert and Sonia Delaunay were pioneers of abstraction. Their works are vibrant, colorful, full of movement and engaging to all ages. Using watercolor, visual references and easy artist tools, you will learn how to reduce a landscape image to basic shapes and line to create a lyrical painting in their style. Beautiful music will relax and inspire fluidity, boldness and movement in your work.
$101- $200
Visual Arts- Drawing,
Visual Arts- Painting
Be inspired by nature's bounty, variety and beauty as you create vibrant images using library's choice of pencil, pen, oil pastel and/or watercolor. See details up close from live plants and natural elements as well as work from a large arrangement. You'll learn composition, cropping, proportion, value and expressive techniques. Come capture the absolute magnificence of nature in every season! Class is taught by award winning artist, art teacher and passionate gardener. No experience necessary.
$201- $350
Visual Arts- Crafts,
Visual Arts- Other
Wild weaving encourages free expression, experimentation and joyous abandon in your weaving. The results are creative and exciting when one forgoes the emphasis on strict technique (although basic weaving and fiber techniques will be taught. Driftwood, shells, natural yarns and beach finds will interweave to create a unique piece of art! Beautiful visuals and mood music will make for a serene atmosphere. Your wild weaving will emerge like a walk on the beach as you discover and enjoy different treasures! Finishing techniques will make your piece ready to frame or display as is.
$201- $350
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Records  1-10 of 22

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