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Montanye, Jeff Turn Your Cell Phone Camera into a DSLR? Media- Photography
If you want to get a little more quality from your cell phone camera photography this class is for you. The class introduces some great apps and techniques to squeeze a bit more quality out of your cell phone camera. Learn ISO, white balance, shutter speed, HDR, single point focus, long exposure and more. Your cell phone may never become your DSLR replacement but it can do a lot better than the default app that comes with the phone. The class is based on the iPhone but these apps and techniques can work for any smart phone.
$101- $200
Wallace, Edith Native Plants in the Public Gardens of New Jersey Media- Photography,
Nature- Environment,
Nature- Gardening
New Jersey public gardens have had various incarnations, from specialized as the Presby Iris Gardens and the Grounds for Sculpture to the native plants of DeKorte Park aand wooded areas of Skylands and the Reeves-Reed Arboretum. In all of these we will find native plants. This PowerPoint presentation will show many of these plants and where they may be seen.
$101- $200
Barkan, Paul Michael THE BEATLES' Magical Use of the Orchestra Media- Video,
Performing Arts- Other
Presented by Paul Michael Barkan, Music Technology Professor at the John Lennon Center for Music at Five Towns College, this lecture will explore the trailblazing use of the symphony orchestra and the recording studio in the music of the Beatles. This not-to-be-missed multi-media presentation promises to be lively, entertaining and full of video clips of the Beatles' songs and musical examples!
$201- $350
Kass, Barry The Ancient Egyptians: People of the Nile History,
Media- Photography,
Multicultural- Other
Anthropologist and Photographer Barry Kass will take the audience on a fascinating journey back through time to the land of the ancient Egyptians. Kass' beautiful photographs and vivid descriptions will include such famous places as the pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza, the old kingdom city of Memphis, the Temples of Luxor and Karnak along the Nile, the burial grounds of the Valley of the Kings, where King Tut's tomb was found along with many others of the great Pharoahs, the Temple of Isis at Aswan, The Temple of Kom Ombo, devoted to the crocodile god Sobek, and the spectacular temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel.
$201- $350
Stelljes, Eileen A Visit to OZ Literature- Other,
Media- Film,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Follow the yellow brick road to a display of character dolls, nutcrackers and movie memorabilia. Enjoy fun facts, movie & book trivia, and tornado in a bottle demonstration! Choose 2-3 activities for a customized celebration; craft a poppy, design a rainbow windsock, create either a main character portrait complete with rainbow streamers, or decorate a hot air balloon cutout for the journey back to no place like home. Finish the adventure with a team scarecrow building contest. It's extra fun if children come dressed as a favorite Oz character!
$101- $200
Kass, Barry A Photographic Journey to the time of the ancient Romans, including Sicily, Rome, and the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum History,
Media- Photography,
Multicultural- Other
Anthropologist and Photographer Barry Kass will take the audience back in time to the civilization of ancient Rome. Through his beautiful photos and descriptions, we will travel to Sicily to witness the intriguing Roman sites on this island in the Mediterranean, and then on to the Italian mainland to Rome itself, where such famous places as the Colusseum, the Parthenon, and the Roman Forum will be viewed. A highlight of the program will be a visit to the amazingly well preserved Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum, buried under volcanic ash after the explosion of Vesuvius in A.D. 79 and still undergoing archaeological exploration today.
$201- $350
TheatreworksUSA, - Living Voices Productions' HEAR MY VOICE: WIN THE VOTE History,
Media- Video,
Performing Arts- Theater
Jessie follows in the footsteps of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton to help secure the right of American women to vote.
$501- $1000
Stelljes, Eileen Civil War Folk History,
Media- Photography,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
A storytelling program about people who lived through the Civil War. Welcome to the parlor, where several framed photographs are displayed. A story will be presented about each featured person. We will also sing a Civil War song or two to close the program. All materials provided.
$101- $200
Wallace, Edith Native Plants: a virtual tour of DeKorte Park Media- Photography,
Nature- Environment,
Nature- Gardening
DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst, NJ was built by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission on landfills in the New Jersey Meadowlands and planted with native plants. This PowerPoint presentation will show some of these plants, tell their contributions to wildlife, cultural requirements and appearance.
$101- $200
Wemett, Lisa Life in the Past Lane: History Along the Highways of NYS History,
Media- Photography
When you’re on a road trip, history is always around the bend. Step into the 1800s to explore the engineering marvels of the Erie Canal and its influence on the development of cities and the women’s rights movement. Tour fascinating homes, presidential sites, and even carousels visited by Lisa Wemett and Terry Mulee in their travels.
$101- $200
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