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Barkan, Paul Michael THE BEATLES' Magical Use of the Orchestra Media- Video,
Performing Arts- Other
Presented by Paul Michael Barkan, Music Technology Professor at the John Lennon Center for Music at Five Towns College, this lecture will explore the trailblazing use of the symphony orchestra and the recording studio in the music of the Beatles. This not-to-be-missed multi-media presentation promises to be lively, entertaining and full of video clips of the Beatles' songs and musical examples!
$201- $350
Powers, Eric Diversity of New York Wildlife Media- Photography,
Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment
Most residents of New York do not realize the vast diversity of wildlife living right here in our State! This presentation shows the major groups of land, marine and estuarine animals with a few hands-on animal artifacts from the mammal and reptile groups. Program can be modified to emphasize Threatened and Endangered Species, habitats, native vs. non-native wildlife or invasive species.
$201- $350
Crocker, Keith Funny Fools - History of the Three Stooges History,
Media- Film,
Media- Other
Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk... Have your patrons feeling slap-happy with this 90 minute program that shines light on the history of Americas favorite comedy trio, the Three Stooges. We’ll watch three 16mm Three Stooges shorts, Three Little Sew and Sews, featuring Curly, Hot Stuff, featuring Shemp, and Quiz Whiz, featuring Joe Besser. Plus biographical info as well as memorabilia related to their career... A fave of many program directors.
$101- $200
Powers, Eric Rocks, Gems, Fossils, OH MY! Media- Photography,
Nature- Environment,
Dig Into Reading...Dig Into Geology! Participants will learn about hte geologic cycle and how various types of rocks are formed. Ranger Eric will have his personal rock collection on display for you to look, touch, or maybe even hold! You'll get lots of ideas about starting your own rock collection. Lastly, we end with a Show-n-Tell session, so be sure to bring your favorite rock, fossil or gem to share or ask Ranger Eric a question. Participants can sign up to receive an identification sheet to start their own rock collection.
$201- $350
Crocker, Keith The Madness That is the Marx Brothers History,
Media- Film,
Media- Other
For you lovers of vintage comedy, there can be no finer a comedy team than the Marx Brothers, a zany trio of real life brothers who gave a whole new meaning to the word funny. With the Marx Brothers being masters of both visual and verbal humor, the audience will regale in laughter as we view clips of the Marx Brothers in their classic comedy Monkey Business, and then the audience will enjoy an educational history of the trio as explained through lecture and memorabilia. This is a 90 minute program complete with a 16mm film presentation.
$101- $200
TheatreworksUSA, - Living Voices Productions' WITHIN THE SILENCE History,
Media- Video,
Performing Arts- Theater
A moving, personal view of the Japanese-American internment during World War II. A poignant illustration of life in the camps that points to the dangers of racism and prejudice.
$501- $1000
Crocker, Keith Santa Claus and the Movies - How the mythical elf of merriment has been presented on the silver screen! History,
Media- Film,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
This is an oddball but fun presentation showing the various depictions of the Santa Claus legend throughout the years. From Miracle on 34th Street to such crazy adaptations of the story such as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, we'll investigate the history of Santa Claus through both legend and literature and its ultimate incarnation on the screen. This program will be a seasonal must. Loaded with clips of some of the strangest presentations of Santa over the past decades. It's a unique program to say the least.
$101- $200
Clive, Young, Kaboom: The History of Special Effects History,
Media- Film,
Media- Video
Kaboom: The History of Special Effects has been presented in more than 40 libraries! It is is a fun, visual program that mixes the most exciting moments in movie history with an educational primer on special effects, explaining how filmmakers have used technology and illusion to make the impossible seem real for over a century. You’ll never watch a Hollywood blockbuster the same way again!

Following a timeline from early efforts in the late 1800s to today’s computer-enhanced creations, the program presents key effects from great movies, explaining how they were achieved and why each was an important advancement.

Special attention is paid to the shift from using models to computer-generated animation. Clips from movies throughout the history of cinema will be shown, including King Kong, Star Wars, Star Trek, Jason & the Argonauts, Metropolis, Twister, War of the Worlds, The Wizard of Oz and more.

As an exclusive bonus, the final segment illustrates how special effects are used to keep older movies up to date, as scenes from the original Star Wars are shown with both the original 1977 version and the computer-enhanced 2004 DVD version presented simultaneously. The result is jaw-dropping!

$201- $350
Crocker, Keith Alfred Hitchcock - Founding Father of the Stalk and Slash Genre: History,
Media- Film,
Visual Arts- Other
Ok, we've already seen programs about the importance of Alfred Hitchcock's output on the history of cinema. However, few people actually realize that Hitchcock was the inventor of what we call "the slasher film," films exemplified by movies such as Halloween (1978) and Friday The 13th (1980). In this program, we'll gain deep insight as we explore Alfred Hitchcock's troubled childhood where his neurosis originated from having been raised in Victorian England, and we'll ascertain how this directly resulted in his inner rage and desires being expressed through such films as The Lodger (1927), Rope (1948), Psycho (1960), Torn Curtain (1966), and Frenzy (1972). We will also examine films that were highly influenced by Hitchcock such as Bird With The Crystal Plumage (1971) and more. Not your typical take on Hitchcock, but rather the turning of a whole new page in the master's career.
$101- $200
Crocker, Keith The Humor in Horror History,
Media- Film,
Media- Other
Examines the mix of horror and comedy in cinema, focusing on the Abbott & Costello Meet (Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde, The Mummy) series, using 16mm condensed versions of each film. A bio on Abbott & Costello, plus we explore the role of the horror film in society. We cap it all off watching a classic Three Stooges 16mm horror/comedy short, The Ghost Talks. This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and a fantastic event for Halloween. 90 minutes.
$101- $200
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