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Klock, Geoff Film and Literature Imaginary Biopics Literature- Poetry,
Literature- Authors,
Media- Film
I am the author of How to Read Superhero Comics and Why and I have a doctorate in nineteenth and twentieth century poetry from Oxford University. I am an energetic and engaging public speaker, and I specialize in bringing the richest view of literature to a general audience without needless academic jargon. My doctoral thesis, Imaginary Biographies, argued for the existence of a genre in poetry: the bizarre portrayal of historical writers. The pagan poet Virgil, for instance, weirdly appears as a guide to a Christian afterlife in Dante’s Inferno. “Imaginary Biopics” follows this genre into film. The poet William Blake (played by Johnny Depp) appears in Jim Jarmusch’s western Dead Man, for example. Other films that could be discussed include The Seven Per Cent Solution (Sigmund Freud meets Sherlock Holmes), Stephen Soderbergh’s Kafka (a terrorist thriller), and Shakespeare in Love. The works of the authors shed light on the films, and the films provide a new view of the authors. This talk could be a one-hour survey, a one-hour talk on any of the films, or a series of talks on several films. The talks could be in conjunction with film screenings.
$201- $350
Marz, Ron Comic Books Step by Step Literature- Authors,
Media- Other,
Visual Arts- Cartooning
Ron Marz has been writing comic books for 25 years, working for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics and numerous other publishers. He has provided lengthy runs on heroes including Green Lantern and Silver Surfer, as well as franchises like "Star Wars" and "Skylanders." His program takes the audience through each step of comic creation, from script to artwork to coloring and lettering, revealing the process of transforming an idea into a finished comic. A question-and-answer period follows. The program can be adapted to any age group.
$351- $500
Rosenfeld, Jordan Contemporary Israeli Society as Seen Through a Dramatic TV Series Media- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
This offering includes the viewing of episodes from the TV series "Srugim" followed by discussions of the interpersonal and sociological issues that come up when singles from religious backgrounds seek out their soulmates. The characters in this series are absolutely delightful, and their emotions and ideologies are on display for everyone to see. Their approaches to dating range from the pedantically practical to the impulsively idealistic. The episodes are in Hebrew with English subtitles and are filled with vignettes of life in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Yet, the challenges faced by the characters are common to ordinary people at this stage of life in any milieu. The series is widely known for its balance between melodrama and lightheartedness, and won the top award for a television drama at Israel’s version of the Emmys.
$351- $500
Siy, Alexandra Author Visit: Mars Road Trip! Literature- Other,
Media- Photography,
Images from my book, CARS ON MARS, are featured in this interplanetary road trip. Stunning photography taken by the rovers themselves transport children to Mars where they learn about the geology, climate, and natural history of our closest neighbor in space. Children use their imaginations as they explore Mars with the help of maps, music, and snacks--basic necessities on any road trip!
$351- $500
Crocker, Keith Boris and Bela : The Kings of the B's History,
Media- Film,
Visual Arts- Other
Here is a perfect program for the Halloween season. We explore the career of classic Hollywood horror icons Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Although Karloff and Lugosi were rivals in terms of their competing for the meatiest roles in fantasy cinema, their careers often collided for some fantastic collaboration and memorabilia cinematic moments. Be the first on line to hear about the humble beginnings of both performers and their flight to stardom as they essayed the roles they'd both become synonymous with (Lugosi for Dracula and Karloff with Frankenstein). We are going to see film clips as well as a wealth of movie memorabilia to give a fine portrait of two men so long associated with "B" grade pictures who turned the product they starred in to "A" list material. This is a "must do" program!
$101- $200
Crocker, Keith Santa Claus and the Movies - How the mythical elf of merriment has been presented on the silver screen! History,
Media- Film,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
This is an oddball but fun presentation showing the various depictions of the Santa Claus legend throughout the years. From Miracle on 34th Street to such crazy adaptations of the story such as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, we'll investigate the history of Santa Claus through both legend and literature and its ultimate incarnation on the screen. This program will be a seasonal must. Loaded with clips of some of the strangest presentations of Santa over the past decades. It's a unique program to say the least.
$101- $200
TheatreworksUSA, - Living Voices Productions' THE RIGHT TO DREAM History,
Media- Video,
Performing Arts- Theater
The story of a young African-American's coming of age in Mississippi during the 1950s and 1960s is vividly told in this compelling story.
$501- $1000
Hunt, Kathryn Wardrobe Workshop Life Skills- Other,
Media- Other,
Visual Arts- Other
Ladies, it's time to organize your wardrobe! Learn how incorporate new pieces and update items you already own. Covers current trends in color, fabric and silhouettes and how that translates to an individual wardrobe. Participants receive a workbook and list of resources.
$101- $200
Crocker, Keith ABBOTT & COSTELLO - The Early Years History,
Media- Film,
Performing Arts- Theater
Here is a fun program exploring the history of one of America's greatest comedy teams. This program explains the history of Bud and Lou, from their introduction right through their years in Burlesque, Radio and finally the Motion Picture screen. We focus quite a bit on the WWII era films, and we also discuss their career lags, rebirth and finally their split up and solo careers. Program uses DVD footage of various routines that have made them famous, including "Who's On First", "Susquehanna Hat Company" and "Slowly I Turn, Step by Step". Fun program that works in whatever time slot you have for it. NEW 2012
$101- $200
Rudock, M. Photog., Cr., Bill Making Memories Media- Photography
Making Memories :How to take Good Pictures” Every one who starts in photography very shortly asks the question “Why aren’t my pictures as good as I thought they would be?” This program takes the beginning photographer through the steps necessary to improve their photographs with any camera. Program highlights include: • Exposure Control • Shutter Speeds • Aperture • Composition • Subject Matter And much more to help the beginner get started taking great photographs!
$201- $350
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