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Stage name: Mad Science
Performer name: Mad Science 1
Phone: 845-294-5434
Mailing address: 300 Reservoir Road
Goshen, NY 10924
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Suffern Free Library, Finkelstein Memorial Library, West Nyack Free Library, Florida Public Library, Kingston Library
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Information last updated: 03/24/2015

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~Mad Science Camps~ Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Mad Science Camps run for 5 days, 3 hours per day. Most topics are for children entering grades 1 - 5. Topics include Robotics, NASA, Nature, Secret Agent Lab, Crazy Chemistry, Mad Machines & Crazy Contraptions and Archeology. Check the Mad Science website for more detailed
$101- $200
Up, Up & Away Science
under construction
$201- $350
Mad Science Shows Performing Arts- Other,
Mad Science offers several different amazing, high-energy science shows. Demonstrations of spectacular chemical reactions, cinematic special effects, fantastic forces, bubbling potions and more. All Mad Science shows are highly interactive, with volunteers (and sometimes the entire group) participating in every experiment and demonstration. Custom show topics can be developed upon request. Check the Mad Science website for more details:
$351- $500
Rocket Demo Science
The students will be introduced to the basic parts that make up every rocket. The discussion lays the foundation for the 3 parts of flight and the fundamental principles of rocket flight. To both illustrate and entertain, the children will be involved in a fun balloon-rocket race. With the science behind rockets covered, students will witness the preparation of a rocket for flight and will learn basic pre-launch safety procedures. They will then be brought outside to witness the grand finale - the launch of a model rocket from a launch-pad!
$201- $350
2015 Summer Science Shows Science
Mad Science offers several high energy shows that fit nicely with the 2015 NY State summer reading program theme -- Every Hero has a Story. Topics include Rocket Show (featuring inventor Robert Goddard), Marvels of Motion (featuring science hero Isaac Newton) and Up, Up & Away (featuring scientist extraordinaire Daniel Bernoulli). Call us for program details at 845-294-5434 or visit our website at
$351- $500
Bugs! Science
Children of all ages have an innate curiosity about the creatures that share our Earth. Although many people consider insects pests, students will learn the important roles bugs play in our ecosystem. They will also explore unique characteristics and attributes of different types of insects and build their very own model insect to take home.
$201- $350
Earthworks Science
Great topic for the 2013 Summer Reading Program - Dig into Reading. Children find out that the earth beneath their feet is more than meets the eye in this introductory program on earth science. They discover what the Earth is composed of and how various forces combine to create rocks and minerals. Kids will uncover the forces that create earthquakes, the natural faults in the Earth's crust and even how mountains are formed. They will see minerals fluoresce before their eyes and create their own sedimentary stacker to take home.
$201- $350
Matter of Fact Science
Through a hands on approach, we introduce children to the structure of atoms and molecules. They will learn how atoms combine to create molecules, examine molecules and molecular bonding. They will learn and observe the difference between physical and chemical changes. As the final experiment in chemical changes, students will have the chance to create their own Mad Science Putty. This lesson provides children the opportunity to develop scientific skills through inquiry based instructional methods.
$201- $350
Wacky Waves Science
Wacky Waves combines three demonstrations and three activities in this exciting introduction to one of life's fundamentals - water. Students will explore four facets of this fascinating substance: density, water as the universal solvent, water pollution and the dynamics of waves. Eggbert and Megg, our hard-boiled friends, will introduce and illustrate density. Since water is a universal solvent, we will explain the incredible phenomena of hydrophobic sand!
$201- $350
Current Events (Electricity) Science
In this electrifying class, students will be taken on a tour of the electron freeway. Problem-solving abilities, scientific know-how and good retention skills are explored when students tackle the problem of creating a circuit which will light a bulb. It's not as easy as it sounds! After mastering simple circuits, the class will turn to a hands-on exploration of more complex series circuits.
$201- $350
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