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Stage name: Hands on Science, Inc.
Performer name: Susan Beltrani
Phone: 631-473-0678
Mailing address: PO Box 424
Mount Sinai, NY 11766
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Sachem Public Library, East Islip Public Library, North Shore Public Library, Hauppauge Public Library, Mattituck-Laurel Library
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Information last updated: 01/26/2017

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Gruesome Halloween Science Science
Kids will have so much fun making slimey goo and spooky sounds, they won't even know they're learning science. Using the science of chemistry, participants will make slimey worms, make paper turn blood red, and make sticky goo. There are no tricks just treats!
$201- $350
Got Flubber? Science
The magic of chemistry right in your hands! Combine a known substance with other molecules to create a new substance....Flubber! Using everyday substances and household materials, participants make a stringy, bouncy creation while exploring states of matter, molecules, polymers and chemical reactions. Participants take home their creation!
$101- $200
Amusement Park Physics Science
This innovative program takes students on an imaginary walk through an amusement park to discover the world of physics. Following a brief introduction using amusement park rides to explain Newtons 3 Laws, students will work in groups and visit stations designed to mimic familiar amusement park attractions. Students will understand the forces behind bumper car rides, design a roller coaster, and more!
$201- $350
CSI: Who Done It? Science
From Sherlock Holmes to the OJ Simpson trial, people have been plagued by the question, "Who done it?" Explore the science of crime scene investigation techniques: Fingerprints, chromatography & shoe print analysis. Applying these techniques with deductive reasoning, participants examine the evidence & try to figure out Who done it?
$201- $350
Science Fair... Oh My! Science
Words that strike fear in the hearts of students and parents alike! Fear not! This participatory lesson will inspire students to get creative with science fair projects. This informative presentation is open to parents and students.. we will work together to get scientific creative juices flowing!
$201- $350
Eat Like a Bird Nature- Animals,
Nature- Environment,
Find out how the shape of a birds beak decides what it can eat. Participants pretend to be birds to test different models of bird beaks. By using their 'beaks' (spoons, chopsticks, tweezers) students attempt to pick up various types of food. This is a fun way to understand adaptation and biodiversity! Participants take home the materials & directions to make their own bird feeder.
$101- $200
Reach for the Stars Science
Participants explore the night sky and learn to recognize constellations. Ancient folklore and its connection to the constellations are discussed. Take home your own Star Map to help you navigate the night sky!
$201- $350
Can You Dig It? Nature- Animals,
An engaging program that introduces students to the science of comparative anatomy. Following an introduction into the science of 'reading' bones, students compare & contrast a variety of real bones from different animals. Teams 'dig' through bones and are challenged to hypothesize about the origin, type and name of the bones. The program culminates with students creating a necklace made from animal bone.
$101- $200
Let Gravity Grab You! Science
Find your center... of gravity, that is. After an introduction that includes a discussion about Newton and Galileo, participants will discover the pull of gravity at several hands on stations. Participants make a balance toy to take home.
$201- $350
Dead Men do Tell Tales Science
Learn how forensic specialists read bones to uncover clues. Understand the scientific principles relating to the study of the human skeleton and become a forensic archaeologist! Using real human bones, students are introduced to the science of forensic archaeology. As teams of forensic specialists, they are challenged to examine the bones for clues. Students hypothesize about the person's age, gender and possible demise.
$101- $200
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Records  1-10 of 10

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