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Stage name: It's Time for a Story
Performer name: Eileen Stelljes
Phone: 845-541-1237
Mailing address: 48 Snider Ave.
Walden, NY 12586
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Haverstraw Public Library , Nanuet Public Library, Josephine-Louise Public Library, Walden, NY, Wallkill Public Library, Pearl River Library
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Information last updated: 03/16/2015

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Hearth and Camp Cooking - 18th Century Lecture Demonstration History,
Life Skills- Food
Presenter (18th C dress) demonstrates historical equipment, including different types of butter churns, and explains cooking methods. Guess the Implement game. Participants team up to assemble a replica fire pit cooking frame. Learn of typical chores needed to feed a family, and a soldier's rations. Butter churning is hands on; all take a turn. See how to work finished butter. Activity is about 25 minutes; sample butter on slices of bread, at your discretion. **Late Fall programs may include brief discussion on food preservation for winter, and/or preparing to celebrate the Holidays in various regions of colonial America. All materials and supplies provided.
$101- $200
Life-Sized CLUE! History,
Life Skills- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
The classic mystery game brought to life and center stage for groups! Costumes, props, crime scene and tools of the trade set the stage for everyone to play. Be a character, in the stage crew, or an innocent bystander in the crowd. As the mystery unfolds, all attempt to solve the case. With the first case solved, change places and go again; there's usually time for two rounds of play! *90-minute option includes talk on Clue History and a display on game and characters, plus playing time.
$101- $200
Spooky New York History,
Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
A storytelling program; enjoy Rip Van Winkle's adventure, or ride along as Ichabod Crane races The Headless Horseman! Other strange and ghostly tales of New York's Hudson Valley give a pleasant chill.(Story selection varies; based upon audience age. Presented in 18th Century attire, I bring decorative props, and special guest-a Hessian soldier in uniform! Dimming the lights adds to the mood! Most successful for listeners age 7 and older.
$101- $200
Presidential Log Cabins History,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Presented in 18th Century attire. Which of our Presidents were born in log cabins? Learn how frontier settlers constructed these dwellings. Form teams to design and build a mini-cabin, using pretzel logs and frosting or cream cheese, then add a paper roof. Examine the variety of designs created, and then become termites to devour them!
$101- $200
Remember the Ladies History,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Presented in 18th Century dress, the stories told describe adventures of various women during the American Revolution. All materials included for crafting miniature paper-backed portraits after the lecture. Revolutionary Heroines were females of spunk and spirit! After hearing the stories, choose from assorted materials to craft your favorite trio of replica miniatures.
$101- $200
Art of Illumination History,
Literature- Other,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Learn about the ancient art of Illumination; see examples of illuminated books, pages and letters. Design a unique, embellished monogram. Using assorted styles of initials and a variety of crafting materials, create a 9x12 inch single-sided decorative picture with border. Other options, recommended for older children, are a decorated two-sided door hanger, or a bookmark.
$101- $200
Civil War Folk History,
Media- Photography,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
A storytelling program about people who lived through the Civil War. Welcome to the parlor, where several framed photographs are displayed. A story will be presented about each featured person. We will also sing a Civil War song or two to close the program. All materials provided.
$101- $200
Ben Franklin and the Glass Armonica History,
Presenter in 18th Century dress describes the popular 18th Century musical instrument made of glass bowls. Invented and perfected by clever colonial scientist, Ben Franklin, it became hugely popular! Hear recorded examples of what some described as the sound of angels singing. Can water glasses produce lovely notes or tunes? We will experiment; attempting to play music on plastic bottles, water glasses, and glass bowls. With a computer available, participants may play an on-line replica of Franklin's Glass Armonica.
$101- $200
Down the Nile! History,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Hear about the archeological find of the 20th Century- the discovery of King Tut's tomb! View examples of the treasures found and Egyptian masks. Craft replicas of a Pharaoh's jeweled collar and a decorative cartouche of your name. Learn how about the on-line tool to translate your name into ancient hieroglyphics. Play the Mummy Wrap game for a fun finish.
$101- $200
George Washington's Teeth Health & Fitness- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Presented in 18th Century attire. Explore the myths and legends, and learn the facts about our first President's false teeth. Were they wooden?How did he lose them? Displayed photos show various sets of his dentures. After enjoying the read-aloud story, use healthy snack items (apples, mini marshmallows, cream cheese) to craft a fun set of edible false teeth.
$101- $200
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