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Stage name: Performances, Workshops & Residencies; also Gregory's art of pastel workshops
Performer name: Mary Jo (and Gregory) Maichack
Phone: 413 532-3667; cell: 413-563-3950
Mailing address: 58 Longfellow Rd
Holyoke, MA 01040
E-mail address:
Website: AND for pastel painting workshops:
Performer's agent: Maichack Arts
Previous appearances at: Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA Stephanie Plunkett, Chatham NY Public Library, Monterey MA Library (Mark Makuc), Colonial Theatre Pittsfield with Cabaret to Go, Springfield Library/Jean Canosa-Albano, Diane Houle
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Information last updated: 01/31/2019

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Native American Tales Multicultural- Native American,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Stories from Peoples Across North America Stories are culled from different areas of North America and include selections from the following: "Glooscabe and Why the Baby Says, 'Goo,'" Abenaki; a Creation myth of Sky Woman and the Great Tree; an original song by Keith McClelland of Maine, "Dinah's Rock" that combines pourquoi of stars and flowers and describes a girl victim of pioneer prejudice; “Raven Brings Light,” Tlingit; “The Girl Who Was Sick” (drawn in story knife style on a big poster), Napaskiak; "The Earth is Our Mother" with drum, and more. Told with loving respect.
$351- $500
Howlarious Halloween Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
Congenial Ghost Stories for All Audiences These come in three versions: Pumpkin Fun for the very young, Howlarious Halloween for ages 5 and older, and Urban Legends for Teens. Never in bad taste, but definitely full of shivery fun, kids AND adults will share jittery laughs with these timeless tales of trick-or-treaters, rude and dangerous pumpkins, even a stubborn skeleton dancing to the fiddle. This is a terrific way to put folklore and language arts into one of kids’ favorite holidays. MJ tells ghostly "groaner" jokes interlaced with singing and guitar, for older listeners an Italian ghost story with absurd surprise ending. You'll feel the real and pleasant spookiness of the season and laugh hard. Audience is invited to join in making sound effects, a finger-snapping "campfire," and help sing and tell "The Ghost with the Bloody Finger." Book early for best choice of dates!
$351- $500
Make a Mini Moonscape Puppet Theater of Paper & Popsicle Sticks Performing Arts- Puppetry,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Visual Arts- Crafts
I’ll bring prepared card stock, templates to color, popsicle sticks and other supplies (if you can help with scissors, crayons and glue sticks, that would be great) to make it fun and easy for your patrons to make this beautiful and clever puppet theater. Ask me to send you a photo or see it at They will also get professional tips on how to make up their own stories to use with it. (Help me celebrate 30 years as a professional storyteller this year!) Super fun and easy! What I think is really special about this-- It’s easy to do, fun to make and amazing when finished (so kids will love it) It works as a toy and puppet theater that is easy to transport, even use on a car trip (so parents will love it) It encourages kids to tell stories—to think visually, consider characters and solve problems (so librarians and story lovers will love it)
$351- $500
Mother Goose in Person! Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Puppetry,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
I come in a pretty costume with a large basket holding Tillie, my rod-puppet goose whose head turns and looks real. ("Is it real?" "Yes, it's a real...puppet.") With a bag of finger puppets, Mother Goose leads all in the famous rhymes, also adding movement, gestures, dance and song (ukulele accompaniment), laughs and playfulness. It's really sweet, from Hickory Dickory, to the Cow who jumped over the MOOOOOn, Jack & Jill, even a tune on recorder for Old King Cole. There are moments that feel like Shakespeare for 4-year-olds, but ever accessible and loving kind, gentle. Fun, great oral language play; adults enjoy along.
$351- $500
This-A-Way, Mezudio! Song/Dance Games Performing Arts- Dance,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
A lively show of old-time song dance games from around the world. Think "London Bridge," but with variety: a Caribbean song/dance for partners in line, clapping, strutting, stepping--simple and do-able and kids LOVE it. Pioneer river crossing game under quilts, as I sing and play guitar. African-American dance, Alligator Stomp. Fits any room, rec. for ages 4 or 5 up/can adapt for the audience you actually get. Great fit for 2017 summer reading theme
$351- $500
Wild, Weird & Creepy Tales for Teens Music,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
For Own the Night summer reading club theme, Teen Read Week, Halloween, or anytime you want teens to turn out for stories that they really like. Pretty much straight storytelling from the Urban Legends genre, sometimes with guitar and a sung refrain: featuring classic urban legends, coming-of-age ghost stories teens really enjoy: The Vanishing Hitchhiker, The Blue Satin Dress–or Can a Prom Dress Really Kill?, Giovannin Senza Paura, (the absurd Italian folktale with bits of Italian they can echo), The Three Girls & the Jumping Corpse (with guitar and sung refrain), and more tales teens shouldn’t live or die without.
$351- $500
Starry Song Standards of Love & the Night--Portable Cabaret Music
Mary Jo sings with professional portable keyboard accompanist--songs of love and the night from the Great American Songbook as seen at Cranwell Resort, Colonial Theatre Pittsfield MA, Mission Bar & Tapas, Loomis Village and elsewhere. See cabaret page for video sample. (We bring keyboard and turn your room into an intimate cabaret-style concert.) This is a very special program.
$501- $1000
A Universe of Stories Programs Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater,
Performing Arts- Puppetry
I entered this title to help you find the programs I've included that fit well for the theme of summer reading 2019: How to Tell a Story, Make a Mini Moonscape Puppet Theater of Paper & Popsicle Sticks, and Sun, Moon, Stars, Shine! You could also book Around the World in Tales and Tunes, Fairy House Craft or any other program. My storytelling is never a just-sit-and-listen to me approach! I learned over 30 years of full-time storytelling performing and teaching, that everyone is happiest when DOING--SO my folktales always offer the audience opportunities to echo or fill in dialogue, sing or chant or clap along; I usually give them a fun dance such as the Alligator Stomp, so we are moving and varying sitting with moving. Sometimes I bring costumes for a splashy volunteer act-it-out story. Sometimes I use origami. But I ALWAYS give the audience lots of variety, ways to participate and laughs.
$351- $500
Travel the World in Tales & Tunes Multicultural- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
“Travel the World in Tales & Tunes” is a fun, funny show sung and strummed and featuring multicultural tales from the seven continents. Listeners will sing and chant along, dance a folk dance, laugh and enjoy wonderful stories and songs, even acting out in a fresh version of The Three Little Pigs, from France--in costume. The show plays like an audience-participation variety show.
$351- $500
Books Are Celebrations Music,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
Inspiring young listeners to read, this show evolved into a 1999 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Gold Award winning audio recording. Both offer lively original songs celebrating the library and the power of books, multicultural stories — Why Dog Chases Cat, The Unlucky Sailor--with origami surprise story and kids using sea creature puppets (including a really big shark), and the bend-in-half-laughing instant story theater version of Munsch’s Paper Bag Princess, in costume. You will love and be amazed by the warm variety of this show and its many ways of getting kids happily to interact! Perfect for preschoolers through grade 3, but older kids love it, too.
$351- $500
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