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Performer name: Young, Clive
Phone: 516-536-6068
Mailing address: 137 S. Forest Ave.
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Westhampton Public Library, Westhampton Beach, NY, Bethpage Public Library, Bethpage, NY, Oceanside Library, Oceanside, NY, Northport-East Northport Library, Northport, NY, Sachem Public Library, Holbrook, NY
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The History of Rock Concerts History,
Performing Arts- Other
Clive Young has been a concert industry journalist for more than 15 years, so The History of Rock Concerts offers an insider’s view of how rock concerts grew from Elvis performing in hayfields to the multi-million-dollar spectacles that the Rolling Stones and Madonna present today. Weaving facts, humorous anecdotes, video and PowerPoint together, this program highlights how concerts, like rock music, have always changed to reflect the times.

Special attention is paid to

  • The Beatles’ 1965 concert at Shea Stadium
  • Woodstock and its tragic sequel, Woodstock 1999
  • The epic charity event, Live Aid
  • The first rock concert
  • The top 10 biggest music events ever
  • How MTV influenced the modern rock show
  • Why tickets cost so much today
  • How a show is produced
  • Hearing protection tips

    As an added bonus, concert earplugs and hearing conservation pamphlets are provided free for all attendees to take home.

    EXCLUSIVE: While this program features considerable performance footage, The History of Rock Concerts features two video documentaries that are exclusive to this program, showing life behind-the-scenes on recent tours by Fleetwood Mac and The Who. These films can not be seen anywhere else!

  • $201- $350
    Media- Film,
    Media- Video
    Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016, and Beam Me Up traces the fascinating creation of the best-known science fiction franchise of all-time. The fast-paced, multimedia program explores how creator Gene Roddenberry first envisioned the original TV show as a western in space, and then steadily built a team of legendary actors, brilliant writers and clear-sighted directors who brought the original crew’s story to life across a TV series, animated children’s show and six feature films between 1966 and 1991. Aimed at both beginner and longtime fans, the program follows Star Trek‘s long, tumultuous history and its continuing impact on pop culture around the world.
    $201- $350
    Media- Film
    This program doesn’t pull any punches as it explores the history of Sylvester Stallone’s signature character—the million-to-one-shot boxer, Rocky Balboa—and his many movies, including the latest hit, Creed. Shot in 28 days on a shoestring budget, Rocky starred an unknown actor, Stallone, who had written the script himself in a spiral notebook. Released in just a handful of theaters, Rocky went on to become the biggest hit of 1976, winning three Oscars including Best Picture. The film’s success paved the way for a billion-dollar franchise that, like the champ himself, flew high only to hit rock-bottom before finding latter-day redemption. Designed for fans 10 and up, this multimedia program explores the inspirations for characters, stories and settings in the series, and follows the backstage drama behind all the films, from writing and casting the movies to their critical and sometimes caustic receptions.
    $201- $350
    May The Fan Film Be With You Media- Film,
    Media- Video,
    Performing Arts- Storytelling
    May The Fan Film Be With You presents and discusses 15 of the best Star Wars fan films. In recent years, many movie fans have been inspired to make their own Star Wars films; using video cameras and powerful home computers for editing and special effects, these weekend directors have created a genre that became known as ‘fan films.’ Many of their homespun creations rival the original movies in quality and story, making these unusual films a permanent part of the Star Wars universe.

    Most of these films are quite rare and have not been seen anywhere except the internet, but this program will screen them the way they were meant to be seen, in full-quality video. Additionally, the program will discuss the history of the growing fan film movement and explore what compels these budding filmmakers to invest so much effort into their personal visions of the Star Wars mythology. All material screened will be appropriate for the whole family, but discussion will be aimed primarily at adults and young adults.

    $201- $350
    Here’s a fun, fast-paced, multimedia program profiling four of the most important record producers ever: George Martin (The Beatles); Phil Ramone (Billy Joel); Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys); and Phil Spector (the Wall of Sound). Sharing rare audio, video clips, exciting Powerpoint and in-the-studio anecdotes about classic Baby Boomer songs, this program explores how creative producers made brilliant choices that influenced important artists, their incredible albums and the musical tastes of an entire generation. 80 minutes.
    $201- $350
    Video Killed The Radio Star: The History of Music Videos, 1930-Today History,
    Media- Video,
    This fast-paced program traces the development of the music video, from the movie shorts of yesteryear up to the big-budget clips of today. The program is illustrated by dozens of music videos from all musical genres, and includes a fun Powerpoint presentation. Topics covered include:

  • The evolution of music clips, from the 1930s to today;
  • How MTV launched and succeeded against the odds;
  • How videos and MTV changed pop culture forever;
  • The Top 10 music video clichés;
  • How the web ‘viral video’ craze is reinventing music clips;
    …and much more.

    As a highlight, the program profiles the top music video directors, showing how artists such as Dali and Magritte, and classic films like Apocalypse Now and Casablanca influenced their visions and techniques. Special attention is paid to the golden age of music videos, which began on August 1, 1981, when MTV played its very first clip, Video Killed The Radio Star, by the Buggles.

    Your patrons will discover they’ve been watching a lot more than just pop songs!

  • $201- $350
    Kaboom: The History of Special Effects History,
    Media- Film,
    Media- Video
    Kaboom: The History of Special Effects has been presented in more than 40 libraries! It is is a fun, visual program that mixes the most exciting moments in movie history with an educational primer on special effects, explaining how filmmakers have used technology and illusion to make the impossible seem real for over a century. You’ll never watch a Hollywood blockbuster the same way again!

    Following a timeline from early efforts in the late 1800s to today’s computer-enhanced creations, the program presents key effects from great movies, explaining how they were achieved and why each was an important advancement.

    Special attention is paid to the shift from using models to computer-generated animation. Clips from movies throughout the history of cinema will be shown, including King Kong, Star Wars, Star Trek, Jason & the Argonauts, Metropolis, Twister, War of the Worlds, The Wizard of Oz and more.

    As an exclusive bonus, the final segment illustrates how special effects are used to keep older movies up to date, as scenes from the original Star Wars are shown with both the original 1977 version and the computer-enhanced 2004 DVD version presented simultaneously. The result is jaw-dropping!

    $201- $350
    Media- Video,
    Media- Film
    This multimedia program celebrates the Silver Anniversary of the TV series Doctor Who, covering 50 years in 100 minutes! Since first hitting TV screens in the Fall of 1963, Doctor Who has become a worldwide phenomenon and is now the most popular Sci-Fi TV series currently airing in America. Millions of fans of all ages, from tweens to seniors, tune in each week to enjoy the Doctor’s latest exploits as he travels through time and space in a police phone booth (A.K.A., the TARDIS), meets strange aliens and saves the universe with verve, nerve and know-how. Designed for both new and avid fans alike, the program uses video and PowerPoint to explore the show’s colorful on-screen and behind-the-scenes histories, profile all 12 Doctors, highlight their most important episodes and more.
    $201- $350
    Homemade Hollywood: The Rise of Fan Films Media- Film,
    Media- Video,
    Performing Arts- Storytelling
    Fan films are a new phenomenon in today's popular culture. Regular people are creating their own flicks based on their favorite movies, books, TV shows and more, using video cameras and computers to create complex, unique films. Many fan films are now high-quality efforts, sometimes costing as much as $30,000 to produce!

    This program introduces audiences to some of the best fan films around, featuring Batman, Harry Potter, Superman, The Matrix, Snoopy, Darth Vader and more of the world's most famous characters.

    I am the author of the first book about fan films, Homemade Hollywood (Continuum, 2008) and run the daily fan film blog,, so basically I'm the leading expert on this unusual form of underground filmmaking.

    $201- $350
    Literature- Creative Writing,
    Media- Film
    Featuring lots of exciting, rare footage and flashy PowerPoint, this program traces George Lucas’ surprising, inspiring life, and how he became the billionaire creator of the biggest science fiction saga ever. Along the way, you’ll see how successes and setbacks in his life drastically shaped and influenced the original Star Wars film in 1977. Designed for both casual and die-hard fans of all ages, this fast-paced, multimedia program explores Lucas’ inspirations for the original movie; follows the backstage drama behind all his films leading up to and including the original Star Wars; and shows clips from the many films that influenced Lucas side-by-side with his Star Wars reinterpretations. Finally, it examines the legacy of the franchise today.
    $201- $350
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