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McIntosh, Story Laurie Small Heroes, Big Voices History,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
In THE perfect performance for your 2015 Every Hero Has A Story program, award-winning children's performer Story Laurie will feature stories and songs about kids who have done some amazing and inspiring things! Your summer readers will love learning about Sybil Ludington who, as a teenage girl, rode her horse all through a long rainy night to alert the American militia that, The British are burning Danbury! Muster at Ludington’s! We’ll have fun singing along to the song about the Lambeth children -- a group of Canadian kids who saved 'eleven fine maples standing in a row' from being cut down as they sat in the trees, swinging in the breeze. We’ll celebrate more well-known heroes, too -- like Malala Yousafzai, who won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. And we’ll even sing a song celebrating the hero that is inside each of us. Engaging, participatory educational & fun!
$201- $350
MacKenzie, Tom Concert Music
Music influenced by the traditions and history of New England, including French Canadian, Irish, Scottish and original compositions. Wonderful vocals and a wide range of musical instruments including Hammered Dulcimer, Flute, Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele and Keyboard. Audience participation is encouraged.
$351- $500
*, Andes Manta Music And Culture of the Andes Multicultural- Other,
Renowned for their energy and captivating stage presence, Andes Manta is also widely recognized for the brilliance of their musicianship. The members of Andes Manta play over 35 different instruments ranging from six foot long panpipes and Andean flutes to goat toenail rattles and Spanish guitars. Throughout their dynamic performances, they weave the story of their culture and music in a captivating dialog, including student participation on stage.
$1001- $3000
Durst, James JAMES DURST: 'Hue Manatee's Quest' Music,
Nature- Environment,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Singer-songwriter James Durst presents a 1-man musical adventure, rich in humor, song & story to dramatize themes of environmental sustainability, unity in diversity, friendship & peace. The central characters Hue (as in 'color' or 'cry of alarm') Manatee and Flickati Cricket seek the wisdom of renowned change agent Leon Chameleon, only to be invited along on a journey to his ancestral homeland, the Galápagos. Along the way, they overcome numerous perils while meeting and sharing songs with Shining Eagle (Northern Hemisphere shaman of the Imáji Nation), a trio of dolphins, a whale threatened by a whaling ship, Ella Condor (Southern Hemisphere medicine woman of the Todos tribe), and a popular street-corner quintet known as Acapellago. Cameo appearances are made by Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood & Goldilocks to populate Leon's parable explaining how our protagonists differ from the 'two-legged ones' in a 5-part tour de farce, 'Lost in the Kuda Shuda Woods.' Ideally suited for families with older children, as the humor employs wordplay and the music is sophisticated yet accessible. Imagine 'The Lion King' meets 'Candide.'
$501- $1000
Collins, Dawn Native American Flute - Introductory History & Playing Multicultural- Native American,
Performing Arts- Other
An introduction to the history of the Native American flute, a hands-on lesson that incorporates how to hold the flute, breath control, one breath soloing, jamming with others, a basic scale for flute, jamming with other instruments, and a handout of resources for further learning. With the minimum of 10 participants, an add-on to the workshop may be an option to build your own flute at an additional program cost of $50 per participant for the flute.
$201- $350
Lin, Caryn Bach 2 Rock Music
Bach 2 Rock "A one-woman musical extravaganza," Caryn Lin is in a class all her own. With a 5-string electric violin, sound effects, looping and a lot of help from the audience and her multi-talented sound engineer (who also plays electric guitar and electronic drums), Caryn transforms solo sound into a mind-boggling musical experience. This 3-dimensional sound magic is performed right before your eyes and ears. Part rock concert, part self-esteem builder, and part interactive music education, Caryn spins stories and music together to make the program as powerful as it is entertaining! The Bach 2 Rock program is now approaching its 5th full year in performance!
$501- $1000
Smith-Carrigan, Michelle The Firebird Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Puppetry
Inspired by the Russian folktale and popular ballet of The Firebird, watch as even the impossible is possible, as the mythical firebird comes to life and Ivan and Princess Yelena team up to break the enchantment placed over their kingdom. This 55 minute magical puppet fantasy features beautifully handcrafted marionettes, lavish costumes, vivid sets, and a large body puppet; masterly accompanied by Stravinsky's musical score from the ballet of The Firebird. Explore Character Ed. themes such as: cooperation, friendship, courage, self - esteem and responsibility, in our newest puppet production.
$501- $1000
Marshall, Barry Catch the World by the Tale Multicultural- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Internationally renowned, award-winning tandem storytellers Jeri Burns and Barry Marshall present world folktales in unique retellings incorporating ethnic musical instruments, music, song, and dance. Styles of performed stories can include traditional prose retellings, balladry, rap, spoonerism, and many other original takes on traditional tales.
$351- $500
Booking, Unbound Marc Black - American Children Music,
I’ve developed a program that’s perfect for kids and grownups alike. I began developing it when my kids were very young. I had the idea to create a CD that featured lots of the great musicians singing songs their parents had sung to them, or that they sang to their kids. And, some cases, wrote for their kids. The resulting CD, American Children, was honored as the ‘American Library Association’s Best Children’s CD of the year.’ The CD featured performances by Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, John Sebastian, Peter Schickele (PDQ Bach), Maria Muldaur and many more. The stuff I write about in this genre ranges from a tune about Ziggy, my wacky wire haired fox terrier, to my love of coffee and baseball, and the importance of picking up litter. I also mix in songs from my childhood (in the sixties) for a program the family can all enjoy. In addition, I’m also available for expressive songwriting classes with kids of all ages. I love doing this!
$351- $500
Loshak, Rachel Gustafer Yellowgold's Arts Enrichment Program Music,
Visual Arts- Cartooning
Songwriting And Cartooning/Illustration by Morgan Taylor, creator of Gustafer Yellowgold The Songwriting workshop is a journey into the art of song. Students learn about popular song form, study lyric writing including melody, rhythm, cadence and rhyme while writing their first songs in a workshop setting. All students are encouraged to participate and contribute to the process as Morgan leads the group in a fun and creative experience. Songs are recorded during the session. In the Cartooning/Illustrating workshop Morgan guides students through “step-by-step character building” tasks/projects, focused around his own work on Gustafer Yellowgold. Workshops range from basic “How to draw Gustafer” to more in-depth explorations of sequential panel art, plot basics and character creation and development. Topics include anatomy, character study and development. The focus of each workshop is customized for different age groups and needs. The songs and illustrations that are created during the workshops can be presented in an impressive slideshow in conjunction with a performance of Gustafer Yellowgold’s Show to the school and families.
$201- $350
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Records  91-100 of 525
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