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Coogan, Donna Meditate, Write, Reflect…A Creative Process Health & Fitness- Other,
Literature- Creative Writing
Each hour long session will begin with practicing meditation techniques. This will help create space in our minds as we then will enjoy the experience of writing. Inspirational texts will be provided to help spark each participant’s personal writings. They will be given the opportunity to use a writer’s notebook to express feelings, describe thoughts, and/or create lasting memories.
$101- $200
DePierro, Bobbi Ann Zumba Fitness Health & Fitness- Other
ZUMBA is a full body workout integrating slow and fast paced rhythm with hip-twisting, fat-burning moves. Zumba is a full-body workout that leaves participants craving more, more, more. The best part of all is you don't have to know how to dance to ZUMBA! Zumba creates a party-like atmosphere so you can just go with the flow and enjoy the party! Zumba pushes the heart rate to its optimum calorie burning zone and it brings it back down again for a sustained level of performance that burns 500 calories or more in a one hour class. Add the Latin beats and you have a recipe for a heart pumping exercise.Yes?...then let's ZUMBA! Come Zumba with Bobbi Ann for a high energy cardio aerobic class fusing Latin and International beats with Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Samba, Hip-Hop, and Belly Dancing.
$101- $200
Singer, Lauren ZUMBA KIDS/ZUMBA KIDS JR. Health & Fitness- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
Performing Arts- Dance
Zumba Kids is a specially designed dance-fitness program developed for children aged 7-11 and 4-6 (Zumba Kids Jr.). Besides creating a fun, exciting, party-like way to exercise, goals include increasing focus, confidence, coordination, memory, teamwork, rhythm and self-expression. Music and moves are child friendly, easy to follow and draw from Latin, pop, and world music. Rhythm play and dance games add zest and variety. Class is taught by licensed, experienced Zumba teacher, group fitness instructor, dancer and former creative arts therapist-see my Wear sneakers and bring a water bottle.
$101- $200
Sprague, Lindsay (Lynn) Growing Citrus in New England Health & Fitness- Other,
Life Skills- Food,
Nature- Gardening
Houseplants are a fun hobby, but most have no food value. What if you could grow citrus plants like lemons, oranges, and limes right in your living room? Learn how to grow citrus, as well as bananas, pomegranates, olives, coffee, and even vanilla orchids and other spices at home. Learn what plants are hardy in your USDA zone, and whether or not they are self-pollinating or require a second plant. Participants take home an exotic plant of their choice, the last program received Arabica coffee plants. This program pairs well with Bob Flowerdew’s book “No Work Garden.” Please email me with Programs in the subject line with any questions and to be added to my live booking link and visual catalog.
$101- $200
Penske, Tara The Body Butter Class Health & Fitness- Other,
Nature- Other,
The Body Butter Class Body Butter...that beautifully smooth cream you can use any time of year. Learn how to create your own and create a scent just for you! Tara Penske, Certified Aromatherapist will show you how to mix essential oils and give you a chart to show you what each oil can do for you. Create your own recipe or use one of hers. Participants will receive a recipe card to record their signature recipe. (Tweens, Teens and Adults) $300
$201- $350
Randolph-Lucchesi, Alicia Essential Oil make-n-take Health & Fitness- Other
In this workshop, we'll discuss the SAFE use of essential oils, and dispel many of the myths currently found online. Patrons will then have an opportunity to make their own essential oil spray, based on the properties discussed during the program. **Please note I am not affiliated with any MLM company, nor do I endorse them. My training as an herbalist and healing practitioner does not allow for ingesting essential oils, nor do I make claims about them healing major diseases. Patrons will be advised to use caution with oils, should they be on any medicine, and oils will not be directly applied to anyone, as this can be dangerous.
$101- $200
Life Skills- Food,
Life Skills- Other
Learn why our gut is considered to be our “second brain.” The gut channels everything that enters our bodies when we breath, eat, drink and through dermal absorption. Learn how to help your gut protect your blood/brain barrier. We will cover pre and probiotics, and other powerhouses to help your gut restore brain clarity, cognitive ability, strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, and repair a leaky gut. Gary gives you a full spectrum toolkit for deciphering the enemies of the gut. Gary Feldman, an innovator in the nutritional supplement retail field, brings you his extensive knowledge and experience doing nutritional research for customers.
$201- $350
Life Skills- Other,
All supplements are not created equal. Learn the vitally important differences between synthetic and whole food supplements. Gary Feldman will share nutritional supplement trade information and teach you how to better understand ingredient labels. Learn about additives and colors that are allergens, fillers and binders, GMO ingredients, pharmaceutical grade and standardized supplements. Find out the origins of many vitamins, minerals and other supplements and how various forms are assimilated. Learn how particular supplements, such as vitamin E and A, are singled out for health studies that you hear about in the news media. Become a savvy consumer when choosing supplements. Gary was an innovator in the nutritional supplement and personal care product field with a first of its kind retail mail-order catalog of name-brand vegetarian nutritional supplements and cruelty-free personal care products.
$201- $350
Riley, Tom Living Green Health & Fitness- Other,
Literature- Authors,
Nature- Environment
LIVING GREEN--Is based on Tom Riley's book, THE BIG GREEN BOOK-How the Environmental Decisions We Make Today Will Effect America and the World. This Power Point Presentation is about the environmental issues facing us and how people are coming up with innovative solutions. Change begins when each individual becomes aware of what he/she can do to make our planet more sustainable for future generations. issues discussed are: Global Warming, Over Fishing Will soon Collapse the World's Oceans, Nuclear Proliferation, Desertification, Air and Water Pollution, Smog and Acid Rain, Looming Water Shortages and Green Technology. Solutions are offered and change begins with you.
$201- $350
Science, Wondergy SkateScience Health & Fitness- Sports,
Ever wonder how a pro skater does those awesome tricks? Explore the science behind skating with a little help from a pro skater and Wondergy. See how to stay on the board, turn, jump (ollie), and perform tricks like a kickflip or a manual. Get ready for the sickest Wondergy show ever! Explore the physics of skateboarding, with professional skaters and big-scale jumps and tricks. Great for large audiences of all ages! Focus on safety along with skating skills. TOPICS: Center of mass, inertia, gravity, distribution of force Skateboarding workshops also available.
$1001- $3000
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