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McKeon-Pierce, Lonna Oral History: Connecting to your Family with Storytelling Genealogy,
Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
This interactive program is ideal for conferences, church groups, clubs, libraries, and retirees. Many techniques are given for gathering and sharing family stories that reveal "Aha!" moments about who we are and what our family gifts and curses are. Using family photos, artifacts, and songs to get the juices flowing, many workshop participants experience epiphanies and connect with their families and communities in a new and enriched way.
$201- $350
Zalben, Jane Workshops/Residency on Writing Process and Illustrating Children's Books Literature- Creative Writing,
Literature- Authors,
Visual Arts- Painting
Writing in the classroom per grade level. The teachers can combine classes together (one or two are also okay) to focus on the writing/illustrating aspects of creating a childrens' book, whether it is a novel or picture book. Materials are passed around individually in this setting, so it is more personal than an assembly setting, therefore exposing the children to the process in a hands-on manner of what is like to be an author/artist of books. An age-appropriate reading of my work is done. I write and feel comfortable speaking to all ages! Fiction, young stories, poetry, non-fiction, cookbooks - I do it all and the art as well.
$351- $500
Richter, Chip Imagination, Creativity and Inspriation Literature- Poetry,
Literature- Creative Writing,
Singer-Songwriter Chip Richter’s Family Concert at The Library is more fun than a Kid (or Parent) should be allowed to have! It’s the kind of high-energy fun and audience participation naturally found in a live performance all in the wonderful learning environment of the public library. This is live music, no accompaniment tracks, so anything can happen! With his guitar, banjo, harmonica, stories and original tunes Chip connects with the kids and adults, creating moments to remember. Chip’s schedule for the summer of 2013 is beginning to fill up and we would love for your library be part of the fun. Chip's show connects with this year's Dig Into Reading theme as he shares original songs, some familiar favorites and stories that will inspire kids to dig into the wonderful adventure of reading. He'll be reminding kids and parents to consider what an amazing treasure the library is for our families and how uncovering just the right book at just the right time can be like finding a precious jewel or gem well worth digging for!
$201- $350
TheatreworksUSA, - SKIPPYJON JONES Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
Skippyjon Jones wants to be the best Chihuahua ever. The only problem: he's actually a Siamese cat! Skippyjon's wild imagination takes over and he becomes El Skippito Bandito, the greatest canine sword fighter in Mexico! Skippyjon Jones is an enchanting musical about unleashing your powerful imagination and following your dreams.
$1001- $3000
Ekblom, Christopher Whats your Story? Literature- Creative Writing
Anyone can resist a presentation but no one can resist a good story! This detailed storytelling workshop will demonstrate how a great story is told and begins with a hilarious recollection about time travel and talking coconuts. There are ways to make a good story really great. One way is to be authentic and truthful. For example, pick on yourself and recall a time when you felt most embarrassed, scared, or nervous. Good luck finding someone who doesn't want to hear why you slid down the stairs in a cardboard box! The art of storytelling is a powerful tool that helps us communicate and illustrate our life experiences with others. Humor, animation, and movement are key to great storytelling. This engaging program will guide participants through the entire process of crafting a captivating, suspenseful, and authentic story from start to finish. Find your voice and become a great teller of stories!
$201- $350
Basini, Lisa Cookies in a jar Life Skills- Food,
Literature- Other,
Let's make cookies in a jar to give as a gift - Includes all plus a really fun time for all
$201- $350
Fathi, Saul Silas Lecture Series History,
Literature- Other,
I offer 5 lecture topics: Average 2 hours 1. The war in Iraq & prospects for war with Iran 2. The history of Islam and the Middle-East 3. Jewish life in Arab Countries 4. Current (International) Affairs 5. Cosmology: The Big Bang, Black holes and UFO's Much information, data and photos are found on my website:
$201- $350
Heinz, Brian The Book: From Writer to Reader Literature- Creative Writing,
Literature- Authors,
Literature- Other
Using a large road-map style mural board, Brian Heinz leads the audience through the arduous journey from a raw idea to a finished manuscript to the final book. Concrete visuals include working journals, rough copies, the artist's visual dummy, final art, layouts, text galleys, press negatives, 4-color separations, unbound covers, page signatures, and finished bound books. The program also includes dynamic and animated oral story-telling and humorous true anecdotes about encounters with wild animals while researching his nature-oriented books on location in wilderness environments - dogsled trips at 20 below zero, chased by grizzly bears, and lifted on the horns of a bighorn sheep to name a few.
$1001- $3000
Luper, Eric Teen Writing Workshop Literature- Creative Writing,
Literature- Authors
Teen Writing Workshop is a program that helps teens who are interested in writing to hone their skills at creating pages that pop. Students will learn about the incredible importance of: - first lines - first pages - sentence structure - cliffhangers - chapter beginnings - chapter endings - word choice Smaller groups work better for a program such as this (20 students or less), but two to three groups per day can be accommodated. This is not a program for reluctant writers. Teen Writing Workshop is geared toward teens who are interested in honing their craft and really making their prose jump off the page.
$501- $1000
Golden, Gail Be Creative at Your Library! Literature- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
Be Creative! is a program of multicultural folktales told story theatre style by 2 professional actors. The program is highly interactive -- featuring audience participation, language and cultural information, humor, and mime. The emphasis is on encouraging reading -- the stories were all found in library books! -- and on creativity. Audience volunteers even get to join the actors in acting out the stories! The Wondermakers have been performing in schools and libraries since 1985 with Young Audiences. The Director of The Wondermakers, Gail Golden, is also Mrs. Claus in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC and was Cinderella's Fairy Godmother at Walt Disney World!
$201- $350
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