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DiLorenzo, Kris Bombshells, Goombahs, Nonnas, and Wiseguys: Will the OTHER Italian Americans Please Stand Up? Performing Arts- Theater
This original one-woman show, supported by the Westchester Arts Council and the New York Foundation on the Arts, is Italian American actress Kris Dean's take on the ridiculous and demeaning media stereotypes of Italian Americans. With the help of fictional characters, including movie superstar Gina Sophia Maria Anna Claudia Virna Giulettia Silvana Scucciacicolone and reformed Red Brigade terrorist PollyOanna X Ronzoni, Kris takes you on a ride through reality, where you'll be introduced to real Italian American achievers. Be prepared to laugh, learn, eat─ and sign a petition to get Connie Francis into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
$351- $500
Encore Performing Arts, Inc. THE LION & MOUSE & OTHER TALES by Crabgrass Puppet Theatre Literature- Other,
Multicultural- Other,
Performing Arts- Puppetry
THE LION & MOUSE & OTHER TALES: SMART AND SMALL CONQUERS ALL, Fantastic Folktales from Around the World -Can a turtle win a tug of war with a mighty elephant? Can a tiny mouse help an enormous lion? Can a jackal outwit a terrifying tiger twice his size? Find out asCrabgrass Puppet Theatre travels around the globe to tell stories that show even the small and weak can have a big impact on the world. With beautiful puppets, fabulous pop-up scenery and their signature hilarious style, the award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents tales from Africa,Asia and Europe that will inspire and enthrall children of all sizes.
$501- $1000
Catalanotto, Peter Writing and Illustrating Children's Books Literature- Creative Writing,
Performing Arts- Literary Artists,
Visual Arts- Drawing
In my presentation, I show and explain my creative process from inspiration to finished book. I give the children clear examples of how to get ideas from combining everyday life with imagination and how to develop those ideas. I teach them the critical thinking involved in finding their best ideas—that writing and illustration involves a lot of decision making. I also draw, showing tips and techniques that inspire children to be more creative. Each program is tailored to different grade levels--all age appropriate, so every student leaves my program empowered and inspired to write and draw. Teachers love that much of my program reinforces what they're teaching, yet they also learn new approaches to teaching writing to children. I think it's important to show students what they're learning in school, I use in real life. My website has testimonials from recent visits.
$351- $500
LaRue, Michele Eve's Diary History,
Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Theater
Mark Twain often wrote of Eden and the first couple's explorations of Earth. What is commonplace today was mystery then--every beast, plant, and scientific certainty a wonder newly discovered. Eve is eternally questioning, her passion for learning rivaled only by her love for Adam--from her first sighting of him (It had no hips; it tapered like a carrot!) to her profound examination of their centuries-long partnership. In this witty, poignant monologue, adaptor Gayle Stahlhuth ingeniously intertwines several Twain stories and essays--setting them A long time ago, in Heaven. Past sponsors of this production include Chicago's Newberry Library, the Chicago Book Festival, and Mohonk Mountain House. SAMPLE REVIEWS: Twain's generous, teasing Eve shows all the familiarity with her husband's flaws that you'd expect in a marriage of several hundred years. Michèle LaRue, in an actor's tour de force, brings her radiantly to life. --Robin Hirsch, Artistic Director, New Works Project, NYC It was a pleasure to work with you. The program was wonderful! Your blend of humor and touching moments was perfect. --Emily Rowe, Special Events, Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis
$201- $350
Randall, Mike Mark Twain Live! Starring Mike Randall Literature- Authors,
Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Performing Arts- Theater
A One-Man Show Starring Mike Randall. Mark Twain, America's Greatest Author And Humorist is brought to life through the considerable talents of Mike Randall. Since 1972 this Nationally Acclaimed one-man show has charmed audiences throughout the United States and Canada. Appearing Off-Broadway at New York City's ONLY Dinner-Theatre and on college campuses, at Corporate gatherings, Dinner Theatres, Opera Houses, Churches, Schools and in Regional Theatres, the show bursts forth with all the wit and wisdom that was the trade-mark of the Great Man Himself. Mark Twain Live! is endorsed by the Mark Twain Museum of Buffalo. Mike Randall is the official Mark Twain of The Annual Huck Finn Jubilee in Victorville California and the Annual Mark Twain Birthday Bash & Symposium in Buffalo, NY. From the moment Mike Randall walks on stage there is no doubt that the Celebrated Humorist Mark Twain was and continues to be, one of America's greatest natural resources! PERFECT FUND RAISER FOR SCHOOLS, ORGANIZATIONS & FINE ARTS EVENTS!
$1001- $3000
Edgecomb, Diane Tales of Enchantment History,
Literature- Other,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
Enter the world of fairy tales where magic is only a moment away, and lessons about how to live are expressed through vivid symbols. For younger children, Diane brings to life classic fairy tales like Snow White and Rose Red and Bee, Mouse, Harp and Bum-Clock, an unusual ‘Jack’ tale. When Jack returns home with dancing bugs instead of beans, the fun and magic really begin! For older students, Diane explores the oral tradition through Arthurian legends and ancient Irish tales such as the humorous Sir Gawain and Loathly Lady. Enchant your audiences with the beauty and magic of traditional tales.
$351- $500
Jeffers, David Clown Is Born Workshop Performing Arts- Clowning,
Performing Arts- Juggling,
Performing Arts- Storytelling
This program works great if Kathleen presents her A Clown Is Born Program, where she becomes a clown right in front of the children. Check this site for a more detailed explanation. After the program she takes the older children (1st grade and up) and shows them how to become a clown. Make-up and costumimg are demonstarted and then she teaches each of the children how to make a balloon animal.
$201- $350
Encore Performing Arts, Inc. Red's Recycle-O-Rama Nature- Environment,
Performing Arts- Other
Rick Adam, assisted by Rusty the recycling dog, Red uses audience participation, storytelling, magic, juggling, hand shadows, original songs, and Red’s Original One-Man Junk Band to offer fun-loving tips on how and why to recycle, reuse, and reduce. Through this ingenious, high energy performance, discover creative and concrete ways that your home and community can become more planet-friendly.
$501- $1000
Fischer, Joe Joe Fischer's The Juggling Club Performing Arts- Juggling
A wonderful HANDS ON program. Children are introduced to the world of juggling in this interactive workshop. The basic techniques of juggling are explained and demonstrated in a clear step by step format. WOW, in just under one hour the children are on their way to a brand new hobby.
$201- $350
Handy, Spook American Folk Songs for the Whole Family History,
Performing Arts- Other
This program is simple. Let’s make sure our kids know some of the treasures of American Folk Music. We’ll sing old favorites like “This Land is Your Land”, “If I had a Hammer”, “I’ve been Working on the Railroad”, “She’ll be coming Around the Mountain” and maybe some newer songs. If the children don’t already know a song we’ll take the time to teach them. Parents are encouraged to sit with their children and help them learn the songs. An excellent program for Libraries, Arts Centers, Churches, Schools and other meeting places. Pete Seeger covers some of Spook's songs and the two perform together several times per year. Visit for more info on the artist and other programs and workshops.
$501- $1000
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Records  241-250 of 1005
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