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Robin Hoffman and Jodi Stiffelman, ArtScapades Post-Impressionism: From Objective to Subjective History,
Visual Arts- Painting,
Visual Arts- Other
In Post-Impressionism ArtScapades details how art moved past Impressionism, the influence of a single art critic, and how stylistic disagreements and personal animosities eventually brought down Impressionism. In the 90 minute version, we present Paul Cézanne, Georges Seurat, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. Approximately ten works per artist are discussed including iconic works plus those that illustrate significant trends and events in their lives and careers. See for full listing of programs.
$201- $350
Crocker, Keith SPAGHETTI WESTERNS - How Europe Changed the Face of Western Cinema Media- Film,
Performing Arts- Other,
Visual Arts- Other
This seminar explores how Italian filmmakers took an American genre of film-making and completely reshaped it giving the world a very different view of the old west. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly blurred the definition of good and evil. We will cover the work of Sergio Leone as well as explore the countless spin-offs as done by the Spanish, Germans, Mexicans and others. A delicious selection of DVD clips punctuate the footage used to draw examples. The casual cinema viewer will broaden their outlook and appreciate other film genres via this presentation. *NOTE* Due to the nature of the subject matter, I do insist this seminar be classified for Adults. Westerns by nature can be violent, so don't aim this program at children or pre-teens. It is meant for Adults. Thank you!
$101- $200
Dolan, Mary Beth Me, the Super Hero! Literature- Creative Writing,
Visual Arts- Drawing,
Visual Arts- Cartooning
2009's MOST POPULAR PROGRAM! Participants are asked to imagine themselves as a super hero. By answering a series of questions, they develop a super hero persona. The answers are then used to draw themselves as the super hero they are! Cartooning, drawing, and creative writing and thinking are developed and refined during the program. Wild, zany answers are encouraged! All supplies are included.
$201- $350
IBITOYE, MARGARET Beading Performing Arts- Storytelling,
Visual Arts- Drawing,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Basic Stringing Learn the fundamentals of making handcrafted beaded jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings through the use of beading strings and threads. If you love jewelry and are looking for a fulfilling hobby or past time this is the class for you. We will help you build the self- confidence you need. Purchase of tools and materials required. Tools: Chain nose plier. Wire cutting plier. Crimping plier. Round nose plier. Materials: 2 strands of beads of your choice. Crimps. Beading string ( 7, 19 & 49 strands). Clasps.
$201- $350
Wilson, Judy Pumpkin Patch Nature- Environment,
Nature- Gardening,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Let's talk about squash! Early June is the perfect time for Fall pumpkins harvest,as well as the other squash varieties we will be planting. Create garden markers and have a tasty snack.
$201- $350
Wilson, Judy Stained Glass Window Visual Arts- Folk Arts,
Visual Arts- Crafts,
Visual Arts- Other
This window is a framed 8 x 10 piece of glass that we will transform with a mosaic if colorful tissue paper into an amazing, can't believe your eyes, truly awesome keep forever craft! I have this listed in Teen because I am only able to choose one category but this is adaptable to younger and older!!
$201- $350
Hessler, Arielle The Colorful History of Pigments and Poisons History,
Visual Arts- Painting
Where does color come from? In this lecture/presentation, enjoy a journey through time and space learning about the vibrant colors coveted throughout history- and their ‘colorful’ backstories. From indigo and woad to lead and arsenic, discover how these materials transformed into such coveted colors, and the consequences of their use. Pigments and paints safe for human handling, and the tools used to make them, will be available for exhibition and handling. This program may be of interest to both teen and adult audiences.
$201- $350
Wilson, Judy GlowKnots Nature- Environment,
Visual Arts- Crafts
Oh yeah! You heard it here first! There is now a Glow-in-the-dark hemp cord that is lead free, acid free and azo chemical free--so of course we will be making awesome macrame bracelets with it for all those summer night flashlight tag games! Ages 8 and up
$201- $350
Landrey, Sheileen Mexican Celebrations: Day of the Dead Multicultural- Other,
Visual Arts- Folk Arts
Culture comes to life through hands-on stations, art and authentic objects as students learn about this significant Mexican celebration of ancestors. Adaptable for middle/high school groups, this program gives important context to the Day of the Dead and its role in Mexican culture and heritage.
$101- $200
Bodkin, Matt Drawing the Line Someplace, secrets of a Long Island editorial cartoonist. Visual Arts- Cartooning
I talk about my cartoon creation process, my personal guidelines on what can and can’t be done, and the conflicts along the way. I finish with a drawing demonstration. If a projector is available, I'll show slides while discussing some of my more controversial work.
$201- $350
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Records  11-20 of 250
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