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Program name: Exploring With Henry Hudson
Program category: History
Performing Arts- Theater
Program length: 40-45 minutes
Audience level: Family
Audience size: 10-300
Program description: In this exhaustively researched show by actor, director, and performer Adam G. Gertsacov, Henry Hudson comes to life in a thrilling re-telling of his adventures on the high seas. Full information at The show imagines Hudson having just returned from his fateful third voyage and giving a presentation to “investors” (the audience) about his fourth voyage to continue his quest for the Northwest Passage to China. Through the course of the show, audience members will have the opportunity to “join” his crew, learn a sea shanty, learn how to navigate using state of the art sixteenth century instruments, and hear his thrilling tale of landing in the New World and visiting this strange new island named Manna-Hatta. At the end of the performance, audience members are encouraged to ask Henry any questions they like about his rich and varied life as a sea captain, explorer, navigator, and Elizabethan gentleman. Hudson lived during the age of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Galileo, El Greco, and Queen Elizabeth. This 40 minute educational performance is suitable for all ages, and is available for extensive touring during the Henry Hudson Quadricentennial (Summer 2009).
Space/special requirements: Electrical cord to plug in to.
Travel restrictions: none--for venues further than 2 hours drive, I try to block book dates, so that the cost of travel/hotel/etc is shared among multiple venues.
Program fee: $501- $1000
Is this fee negotiable? Yes
Mileage included? No
If no, cost per mile: $0.55
Notes about the fee: I try to work with all of my clients to insure that they can afford me and that the work can be seen. That might mean offering block booking or multiple show discounts, getting creative on sponsorships, and other means of
Other notes: Mileage fee is for 30 miles or more outside of zipcode 10705. Inside that area is already included. All tolls and parking fees must be paid for by presenting organization.
Regions this program
can be performed in:
South Central
Capital District
North Country
Long Island
Program last updated: 03/29/2009
Performer Information (see all of this performer's programs)
Stage name: Professor A.G. Gertsacov
Performer name: Adam Gertsacov
Phone: 401-351-2596(cell)
Mailing address: 1055 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue #F-196
Chicago, IL 60660
E-mail address:
Previous appearances at: Palace of Wonders, Washington DC, Riverdale Y, Riverdale NY, Newport Public Library, Newport, RI, HERE, NY, NY, NY Downtown Clown Revue, NY, NY
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Performer information last updated: 06/07/2016


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