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General Information

Performers entering data into the Statewide Performer Database should note the following:
  • Performance content and format should be suitable for a library setting and should be appropriate for the age of the intended audience.
  • Performers should have prior experience performing in a library or school setting, or other appropriate venue.
  • Performers should not include programs that advance their own personal beliefs or doctrines.
  • As administrators of the database the regional coordinators reserve the right to exclude any performer or program from the directory if it does not meet the above criteria.
Editing Time Out
  • If you are editing your data, don't leave the editing screen idle for more than 15 minutes. As a security measure, the database is set to log you out of your account after 20 minutes of inactivity. Best to save/update your work frequently.
Temporarily Unavailable?
  • If you won't be available to perform for a length of time, please add a note to your Performer Profile page.
Removing your data from the database
  • If a performer wishes to have his/her records permanently deleted, they should email the appropriate regional coordinator.
  • The parties responsible for managing the Statewide Performer Database do not sell any information provided by performers and program presenters.
  • No user names or passwords are required to search the database. Please be aware that the database is open and searchable by anyone.
  • Web log files are utilized to track statistical usage of the database, but no personal information is tracked. We do not set cookies on users' machines.

Filling Out the Performer Profile Form

E-mail/User ID
Your e-mail address will be used as your log in name (user name). Having your user name as your e-mail address allows us to contact you to ask you to update your information or to provide you with additional information about the performer database. PRIVACY: We will not distribute any information about you to any other organization.
Don't have an email address? You can still sign up by creating your own user ID. Enter a name you'll remember. It can be any number of characters and numbers. Remember though, you won't get any e-mail announcements about the database if you don't have an e-mail address.
Get a free e-mail account: If you don't have e-mail, there are many free e-mail services to choose from. Yahoo has a long list of them. Or you could check with your local library to see if they have any recommendations.
Choose a 4 to 8 character password that is easy for you to remember, but not easy for others to guess. It can contain numbers and letters. Enter it exactly the same way in both "Password" boxes. If the passwords don't match when you submit the page, you'll see a message telling you to go back and fix the password. Should you forget your password after you've created your account, there is a "forgot your password" feature on the main login page that will send your password to your e-mail address.
Stage Name
If you have a special name all of your performances fall under, enter it here (e.g., The Puppet People have about 6 or 8 differently named programs, but their stage name is The Puppet People).
Phone number where you can be reached for booking purposes.
Agent's Name
If you use an agent to book your programs, enter their name and contact information (phone and/or e-mail address) here.
Web Site
If you have a Web site you would like others to access, enter the address for it here.
Home Region
You must select one home region. If you live in New York State, please select the region that you live in or that you wish to be primarily associated with. There are 9 regions of the state, each one has a regional contact that can help you with the database. Selecting a home region does not affect which regions you are willing to perform in. You can select performance regions in the next section of the Performer Profile page.
Out of State? Pick the region of the state closest to your home or any region that you want to be primarily associated with.
Performance Regions
Choose the areas of the state where you are willing to perform. You can choose one, several or all regions. Your performance information will be available only for the regions you select.
Recent Performances
Enter the names of up to five libraries or venues where you have performed. The list will be used by library staff as a way to obtain references for your performances.

Adding and Editing Programs

Program Name
Please enter the name of the program you wish to promote. Do not enter more than one name. If you have multiple programs, please add each program individually.
Program Category
You may select up to 3 categories per program that most closely describe your program.
Audience Level
Choose the primary audience for your program.
Program Length
How long is your program, including any time for questions and answers.
Size of Audience
How many people is your program designed to accommodate?
Program Description
Outline the key components of your program description here, including what you do during the program, whether the program involves audience participation, and any other information needed to describe the program.
Space/Special Requirements
If you need a certain amount of space, require tables and chairs for participants, require access to an electrical outlet, or have other special needs, please note them here.
Travel Restrictions
If you’ll only travel within a certain radius of your home, limit travel in the winter or need special accommodations, note them here.
Program Fee
Fees are a range. More specific fee information and/or negotiability can be indicated in “Additional information about fees”.

FEES - Negotiable fees: Some performers may have concerns about setting a fixed price for a program, when indeed the price may be negotiable. If your price is negotiable, please select a price range as a ballpark figure and use the notes section of the entry to explain that you are flexible in your pricing.

FEES - Fees vary: If the fees you are quoting here are strictly for public libraries and you have other rates for other types of performance venues, you can use the notes section to explain that.

Additional Information About Fees
If you have additional fees, such as for supplies, or offer special block booking discounts, or have other information you want to include about your fees, please note that here.
If no, enter rate per mile
If mileage is not included in your fee and you charge a per mile rate, enter that in the "Cost per Mile" box. Please enter in the mileage rate in whole cents. You can also leave that box as 0.00 and explain your transportation fees in the box labeled "Additional information about fees."
Special Notes
Any information you would like included, which does not fit into other categories may be entered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a number of programs in the database. I clicked on my name under one of the subject category displays on the main page and only one program came up. Why don't all my programs show up?
A: Because only one of your programs is in that subject category. Your other programs are listed in other subject categories. You can find all of their programs (regardless of category), by clicking on the link within that program that says "See all of this performer's programs."
Q: How can I flag those of our performances that are most suitable for the 2005 Summer Reading Program theme? That would be very valuable to be able to do.
A: The best way to do this would be to include a line in your program descriptions about the 2005 Summer Reading Program. Suggested text: Suitable for the 2005 NYS Summer Reading Program, Tune in @ Your Library. With that sentence in your descriptions, your programs will show up in any searches for Summer Reading or the Tune In theme.
Q: How do you decide what performers are listed on the main page? I don't see my name?
A: Performers are selected randomly from the database. Every time you return to the main page, you will see a new display of performers. If there aren't many performers in a particular category, the same names will appear quite frequently. While some categories with lots of performers will see a greater variety of names. You can see all the performers in a category by clicking on the MORE link in each section.
Q: I'm a member of more than one performance group. How do I add an account for each group?
A: You can create as many accounts as you need. You just can't use the same email address for all of the accounts. If you try to create another account with the same email address, the system will tell you that the account is already in use. You can use another email address if you have one, or use the email address of one of the other members of your group, or you could actually just make one up. But if you make up an email address, we won't be able to get in touch with you.
Q: I didn't add any programs when I signed up. How do I do that now?
-- Go to
-- Login with your email address and password. This takes you to your account page.
-- Select the ADD A NEW PROGRAM option.
-- Fill out the program information form.
-- Click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.
TIP: If you're a slow typist or you need to spend some time thinking about the description of your program, take time to write up your description before you sign on. As a security measure the system signs your account off after 20 minutes. So you could lose the information you're typing in if it takes you longer than 20 minutes. If you type the information offline, you can copy and paste the description into the form after you log in.

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