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This New York State Performers & Programs Database brings together performer and programming related information. It is a resource that features educational and entertaining programs suitable for libraries and other venues. The resource features programs primarily for youth or programs that help adults serve youth.

A key feature of the Performers and Programs database is the ability to locate descriptions and contact information about performers and program presenters in each region of New York State.

Performers and program presenters enter, update, and maintain their own data.

Regional Coordinators

Nine Regional Coordinators represent each of the searchable regions. They are:


The Performers and Programs database was originally developed in 2004 as a New York State Capital District area resource by Rebecca Wright-Sedan of the Southern Adirondack Library System, Mary Fellows of the Upper Hudson Library System, and Sue Rokos of Mohawk Valley Library System. Funding was provided through a 2004 a Federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant called ‘Families Read.’

From this early regional database the need for a statewide database became apparent. The New York State Performers & Programs Database now serves all public libraries in New York State and is a statewide collaboration of the 23 New York State public library systems.

From 2004-2007, Rebecca Wright-Sedan and Elaine Baker of the Southern Adirondack Library System, served as Project Directors. The site was designed by Polly-Alida Farrington of P.A. Farrington Associates, with assistance from programmer Peter Kowalski. Graphics were provided by Christine Glade, Web Design Central. Anne Simon, New York State Library, provided consultation for the original LSTA project.

The creation of the New York State Performers & Programs database was supported by LSTA funds, awarded to The New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

In 2007 ownership and management of the database was transferred to the New York State Library. Karen Balsen, Library Development Specialist, is the current project coordinator.


Performers entering data into the Statewide Performer Database, please note the following:

  • Performance content and format should be suitable for a library setting and appropriate for the age of the intended audience.
  • Performers should have prior experience performing in a library, school setting, or other appropriate venue.
  • As administrators of the database, the regional coordinators reserve the right to exclude any performer or program from the directory if it does not meet the above criteria.


  • The parties responsible for managing the Statewide Performer Database do not sell any information provided by performers and program presenters.
  • No user names or passwords are required to search the database. Please be aware that the database is open and searchable by anyone.
  • Web log files track statistical usage of the database, personal information is not tracked. Cookies are not set on users' computers.
  • If a performer wishes to have his/her records permanently deleted, they should email the appropriate regional coordinator.

There are three views of the database: Public, Performer, and Administrative.

1. Public View: Features the ability to browse by:

  • Category or search by keywords appearing in the performer and program records.
  • Audience level.
  • Price range.
  • Date added or updated.
  • Region of the state or statewide.

No user names or passwords are required to search the database. The database is open and searchable by anyone.

2. Performer View: There are nine customized regional performer login pages. Each has information and news about their region and is maintained by the Regional Coordinators. Feedback and contact forms are available throughout the site to provide quick contact with the coordinators.
Performers can create their own account records and update their data as needed, using their email address and a password. Password assistance is available on the performer log in page for those who forget their password. All instructions for entering data are available online, including help with specific data entry fields.
Performers must:

  • Obtain a free registration code before registration. Registration codes are obtained through the database.
  • Enter a general profile with contact information.
  • Enter data about each program as a separate record. Each program can appear under as many as three categories.
  • Enter at least one program in order to be approved to appear on the website.
  • Review and update their information on a yearly basis.

Performers must be approved by their regional coordinator before records will appear in the database. Regional Coordinators receive an e-mail when a new performer registers for their region.

To facilitate browsing performers are rotated randomly under each category, so that with each reload of the browser a new selection of performers appears. Names will only rotate if more than 5 names are entered in the category.

3. Administrative View: The nine Regional Coordinators throughout the state have access to the administrative portion of the database. This includes the records of performers who are as of yet in the “unapproved performers list,” as well as all the other performers in their region. New accounts are reviewed and approved before appearing in the public view of the database. When accounts are approved, the performer receives an email from the coordinator asking them to fill out a short online evaluation form. Coordinators can send messages to all the performers in their region asking for updates and advising database changes. They have the authority to edit performer’s records, and the ability to delete any performer if the performer does not meet the policy guidelines set forth in the policies section of the database. Performers will be notified of any changes.

The New York State Library’s Administrator oversees the database and can view unapproved records from any region. The Administrator makes global suggestions for changes based on performer and coordinator feedback, trouble-shoots problems, and can also send mass e-mails to all performers in the database.


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The Performers and Programs website is supported by Federal LSTA funds, awarded to the NYS Library. The NYS Library is a program of the Office of Cultural Education, NYS Education Department.


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